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"What is Happening To Our Beloved Kiski?"

The economy is struggling. Inflation is challenging many people in our country. You might be thinking that this is the time to hold back a little on donations. I understand this sentiment, but if we do not act, we are in imminent danger of losing the Kiski we love, and our boys’ and grandsons’ futures could be much worse.

Do you think our latest headmaster and board of directors are scaling back?

You know the answer. They continue expanding facilities and overhead far beyond their revenue. The leadership’s mismanagement is not just financial. They continue developing failed ideas that put the school in this deficit position. Their latest idea is to go coed. Their financial documents are published publicly, and the evidence of mismanagement is clear.

The fight for the truth has never been cheap. It’s getting more expensive by the day. The Friends of Kiski Prep isn’t letting up. We are expanding. We are stretching ourselves in every area to make absolutely sure we did everything we positively could to fight for the good and save our beloved Kiski from the current administration’s flawed decisions and direction. Our initial campaign, “Keep the Kiski School, All Boy,” raised over $500,000. Our new campaign is called “Bring Back Jack!” because the board confronted our former headmaster to go coed, but he resisted and kept the school as it was founded, “all boys.” You can read more about Jack below. Our mission is to raise 42 million and create an endowment of new capital that will return the school to its roots and stabilize it for the future.

We can’t do it alone. I ask you to stretch with us. We need every dollar for our fight. Every dollar is used with care, period. Every dollar helps us save another boy who would benefit from Kiski’s original mission.

We encourage you to review the books, articles, and resources on this site as we intend to lead the conversation on single-sex education for boys and girls in this country. God bless you and your loved ones. And bless you for fighting for Kiski by supporting Friends of Kiski Prep.

Joe Garcia

Joe Garcia, Class of 1985 Chairman

Executive Board Members

Joe Garcia ‘85, ChairmanMatt
Marcenelle ‘84, Vice-Chairman
Adam Gardner ‘85, Treasurer
Manny Markantone ‘12, Secretary
Bruce Brown ‘84, Communications Director
Frank Ross ‘02 , Legal Director
Brock Livorio ‘08, Events Director

Members At Large

David Conrad ‘85
Bill Gardner ‘92
Craig Spitzer ‘83
Dan Traficante ‘12
Chris Santagate
John Karian

Board of Vistor/Advisors:

Chris Santagate, Esq. & John Karian, Esq.

Why Kiski Was Formed As An All Boys School

“Bring Back Jack!”

by Friends of Kiski Prep

Catalogue of the Kiskiminetas Springs School

See Page 11

Civil Word’s for Troubled Times by Jack A. Pidgeon

See Pages 1-10

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As trailblazers in the conversation of single-sex education, we invite you to explore the wealth of knowledge we’ve compiled. Delve into scholarly articles, resources, and books that substantiate the positive impact of single-sex education on the holistic growth of young students. By staying informed, we empower ourselves to make well-informed decisions for the benefit of our future generations.

Join us in championing the cause of single-sex education for students, and let’s build a foundation for success that resonates for a lifetime. Together, we can shape a future where every student has the opportunity to thrive in an environment designed just for them!

"Of Boys and Men" By Richard Reeves


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